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Transition Lenses - Photochromic Lens

Understanding Photochromatic Lenses (Transition Lens)photochromic glasses

Transition Glasses (Photochromic Lenses) change with your lifestyle

Transitions adapt to the light around you so you don't have to change to polarized glasses in order to protect your eyes.

  • As the light around you brightens or you step outside into the sunlight the lenses will darken to about 80% protecting your eyes from the rays of the sun and giving you clearer vision.
  • When you step indoors the lenses will lighten and stay clear for the duration you are out of the light.
  • Photochromic lens are basically the generic name for "transitional" which is a registered trademark.
  • Transition and all photochromic lenses currently are only available in grey or brown.

       I think you will definitely find these to be your favorite "go-to pair' as t
hey are extremely useful for everyday wear by quickly adjusting to the light around you without any effort on your part. Of course if you are staying in the car or outdoors for an extended duration it's best to get prescription sunglasses



Transition Lenses

Light Sensitivity

These lenses are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, so how dark they get is directly related to how much UV rays actually reach the lenses.

  • This is important to know because when one is driving the lenses will not get as dark as you might like on a very sunny day as there is no direct exposure.

  • In contrast, on a cloudy day, being outside one will discover that the photochromic lenses can get quite dark due to the exposure to the UV rays.


What Makes Them so Good

  • It is important to point out that photochromic lenses can darken and lighten pretty quickly as needed but do not darken completely more like 85-90% but do clear up to 0.

  • This is a direct contrast to polarized lenses/sunglasses, which will stay dark under all circumstances.
  • Photochromic lenses offer great flexibility and will protect the eyes from UV rays but are not a replacement for polarized sunglasses as these offer the best and most complete protection for the eyes.


In Conclusion:

 Easy Adjustment to Your Lifestyle
- you will only need one pair

Transition glasses


Your Eyes will Love the Protection
-  from harmful rays from the sun
sunlight protection
It's Advanced Technology -
awesome stuff happens
Photochromic lenses reaction

You Look Great
transition lenses grey



Eyewear Insight offers as a premium "progressive (Freeform) Transition ® Lenses (1.56)"

and we otherwise offer photochromic lenses coating, generic lens, at a very discounted rate. 

As always if you find that our quality does not measure up please 
contact us and we will be happy to assist you further; but we have yet to get a complaint and in fact most find that our quality measures up quite nicely to "brand names".

Our customers always come back for another pair if not two..and even buy for their family members. So when you are ready to buy prescription glasses online come on and give us a try you won't regret it.

As always if you need our help we are but a call away at 866 217-5878, 9 a.m.–7 p.m. PT daily or Text 213 769-8009 or emailing us