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Do You Wear Single Vision or Progressive

Do You Wear Single Vision or Progressive?

·         You have Single Vision Lenses if you have the same corrective power applied over the entire lens.

·         OR for distance only, for computer only, for readers only. 

·         The correction can be for nearsightedness (short sighted), far sightedness, and astigmatism

·         Usually people wearing corrective lens before the age of 40 are wearing single vision lenses.


 If you have Single Vision prescription:

  Search in:

Men's Single Vision, Women's Single Vision

You have
Progressive Lens (graduated multiple strengths on the lens or sometimes called no-line bifocals) or Bifocal Lens (with a line separating the near-vision portion of your lens from the distance vision)

  • If your prescription has ADD (addition) added to it. This means you need correction for distance and reading on the same pair of glasses. It also means that you will generally need (and will be more comfortable wearing) lenses that are more than 29mm in height. In fact, you will find that the depending on the positioning of your eyes in relation to your face - you will be more comfortable accessing the reading portion when the lenses is around 30mm.

To read more about progressives…


If you have Progressive/ Bifocal Vision prescription Search in:

 Men's Progressive/ Bifocal Vision, or Women's Progressive/ Bifocal Vision


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