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How to Get Your Eyeglasses Tinted (Color Lens)

color lens - how to tint your eyeglasses


Tinting your eyeglasses is a great alternative to photochromic lenses.

(P.S Before you continue pleasebe aware that we can't tint YOUR glasses; but you can purchase our frames and order the lenses to be tinted in a variety of colors.)

Tinting your eyeglasses lens to get color lens or what some refer to as "tinted sunglasses" is a great way to add a little style to your look. Not only will the color lighten or enhance your mood (" looking through rose-colored eyes") but it can actually make you more comfortable and improve your visual comfort.

The lighter tints are great as a fashion statement and the darker tints can block some of the harmful rays of the sun. 

  • Understand that these tints are not the same as polarized lenses. They simply do not provide the same degree of protection. They are a cheaper and - more fun option that can be helpful in blocking and protecting the eyes.

*At Eyewear Insight - all our glasses come with free anti-scratch protection, free UV coating and free anti-reflective coating so you will have protection *

Tints in our collection come in 7 colors

       Solid Tints $10 

  • A lens tint is a permanent color in the lens used for either fashion or as sunglasses.
  • As this is a solid lens tint, the color and strength of the tint will be the same from the top to the bottom of the lens.
  • Ranging from a light 20% tint, to a medium 50% tint or a dark 80% tint.

      Gradient Tints $10

  • On a gradient tint, the color is darker at the top and grades down to a lighter tone at the bottom of the lenses. 
  • This is a permanent tint on the lenses, not to be confused with the photochromic lens which darkens in sunlight and lightens indoors.
  • Ranging from a light 20% tint, to a medium 50% tint or a dark 80% tint
Lens tint colors

The Colors

Yellow often is added to a lens to enhance contrast, especially in overcast conditions, making it a popular tint for hunters who desire "shooting glasses."

Yellow tinted glassesMedium yellow tinted round glassesYello tint

Green, is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in the natural environment. Green  color of spring, when everything comes to life. It's cousin G-15 (the classic color of lenses in Ray-Ban sunglasses), is sometimes used as a sunglass tint.

Green tinted round glasses

Red is a bold fashion color it's the color of love, passion to name a few. Strong emotional color! The color red attracts attention more than any other color

aviators with red tintLight red tint

Blue is the a super feel good and fun enhancer of moods. Did you know that blue is the most universally favoured color of them all! According to Color Psychology, “Light blue is the color most linked to creativity. Sky blue is the most calming shade of blue that helps a person relax… [and] is also a color that inspires safety and serenity. Dark blue is the shade that is associated with intelligence and lack of emotion.”

blue tinted cateye glasses

Brown is a natural color that evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It's often seen as solid, much like the earth, and it's a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. It is also one of the most popular colors for sunglasses or tints. It's neutrality doesn't affect the color perception of the colors in the environment

Brown tinted round glasses

Grey  is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. The color grey is an emotionless therefore blends well with every other color. It is the most popular color - the dark grey being ideal to block the most reflection out in this group.

Grey tinted cateye glasses

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