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Freeform Lens

Freeform Lenses (Technology)

 (Sometimes referred to as a progressive lenses "tailored" for your eyes or the equivalent to "high-definition"  TV )

Using the latest technology Eyewear Insight brings you affordable eyeglasses.

  •  Freeform is a manufacturing technology that allows cutting and polishing random surfaces
  •  Freeform guarantees better precision 
  •  Freeform technology will allow you to get better optics as long as the optician is using good tools.
Freeform lenses provide:
  • Improved sharpness of vision at all distances.
  • The intermediate and near zones are wider.
  • There is minimal readjustment period with a new prescription
  • Levels of unwanted astigmatism are lowered.
  • Broader the field of view at all distances.
  • These lens will fit into a smaller lenses size
  • Freeform lenses accommodate unusual or atypical Rxs (i.e., high-cylinder power, high-minus power), making wearing progressive (no-line bifocals) lenses easier.
  • Because the lenses are personalized, there are literally millions of unique Rx combinations that are possible.
  • Freeform lenses can reduce glare and halo effects caused by light sources at night, such as car headlights 
  • Freeform lenses can maximize the optics built into your lenses, providing brighter and more intense colors 
  While everyone can benefit to a certain extent from customized lenses, people with complex prescriptions and progressive wearers will notice the greatest visual improvements.

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