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How to Use the Virtual Try On

 You might find this useful. But I will say the best thing is to start with a pair that fits us and use that as the guide - for measurement and size.



1) on the browsing page/ or the page with the big picture (details page) click on the "Try On" button

2) an image or a person should immediately show up - you can pick another one by clicking "choose"

3) clicking "browse" will allow you to upload a picture from your computer

4) clicking "webcam" will allow you to take a picture using a camera that is connected to your computer - *Note: you will have to allow the browser access to your computer

You can disallow this later by going into your setting> Content settings> Camera 

5) After you have uploaded an image (must be front facing and best eyes are level) you must place the marker on each eye - one for the left and one for the right.

6) You can adjust the image size and/or rotate by using the sliders "resize image" and "rotate image" then click on the check mark on the right hand bottom corner.

7) Once image is placed you can adjust the size of the frames to fit the size of the face. Make sure the glasses are fitting from temple to temple.

* Please note that this is simply to see how the frames look on your face - YOU must check the measurements to know if the glasses fit your face size.

8)You can use the various buttons to resize or rotate the frames and see how they look on your face.

9) You can upload your image to Facebook or Twitter to show you friends and family how great you will look in your new glasses 

OR you can ask them for their opinion.

10) If the setup with the markers needs to be adjusted/ or your image needs adjusting please click on the gear sign and you will be taken to that section.

For the video you may click here: