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Tinted Lenses Help With Visual Processing Disorders

Colored lenses can be a fun way to change your look, but did you know that tints can also help with some visual processing disorders? Tints are sometimes prescribed to combat a variety of symptoms from visual disturbances, including some associated with visual dyslexia.

What is a visual processing disorder?
A visual processing disorder is a condition that causes a person to have difficulty interpreting information that they see. There are several different varieties of visual processing disorders, some of which include trouble distinguishing between similar letters or shapes, seeing letters or words in the wrong order, and struggling to differentiate letters from their backgrounds.  
Is dyslexia a type of visual processing disorder?
Dyslexia is defined as a learning disability identified by difficulties with word recognition, spelling and decoding abilities. While there are no official diagnostic types of dyslexia, the term "visual dyslexia" is often used to refer to reading difficulties caused by visual processing disorders.
Can tinted lenses help with visual dyslexia?
Tinted lenses (colored lenses), though not considered a treatment for visual dyslexia, have been shown to relieve symptoms for some who struggle with visual stress. Those experiencing visual stress are often sensitive to certain visual patterns, which can interfere with reading ability. A person does not have to be dyslexic to experience visual stress; however, the condition is more common in those who also have dyslexia.
How do I know if I am experiencing visual stress?
Common symptoms of those diagnosed with visual stress include words appearing to be blurry, flickering or fading while reading, as well as frequently missing words or reading them in the incorrect order. Visual stress can also cause physical discomfort while reading, including headaches and sore or watery eyes. An optometrist can perform an assessment to determine if visual stress is the cause of these symptoms.

How much do tinted lenses help with the symptoms of visual stress?
While results differ from person to person, tinted lenses have been found to be very successful for many with this condition. The amount of improvement can vary based on the individual, but many patients experience some relief of their symptoms while reading within weeks of switching to tinted lenses. 
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