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High Index Lenses

High index lenses explanation

What are High Index Lenses, and why would you need them?

Choosing the Right Index Lenses

When you you have a high prescription it is often more comfortable, lighter, thinner and better looking to wear higher index lens.

This is because as the prescription gets stronger the outside of the lenses get thicker, whereas  the prescription for most of us eyeglass wearers with average or even minimal correction is for nearsightedness --- which needs the center of the lenses to be thicker.

The difference between regular lenses and high index lenses

At Eyewear Insight we offer 3 levels of high index lenses.


High index lens are usually well know to people who have a high prescription. It is important to understand why you are picking the thickness you do pick:

For Low to Medium power

  • Spherical power that is below +3.00/-6.00 or cylindirical power that is +/-6.00
  • with add less than +3.00 we recommend that you use 1.61index lens

For Really Strong Power
  • Spherical power is below +8.00 / -10.00 or cylindirical power that is +/-6.00
  • with add less than +3.00 we recommend that you use 1.67 index lens

For Really Really Strong Power
  • Contact us this is only by special request we have 1.74

What's Great About  High-Index Lenses

  • Much Thinner --- Because of their ability to bend light more efficiently, high-index lenses for nearsightedness have thinner edges than lenses with the same prescription power
  • Much Lighter --- The thinner edges use less lens material, so the lenses are lighter.
  • More Comfortable ---They are lighter therefore, more comfortable and less tiring!

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