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Polarized Lenses - Sunglasses

Round prescription polarized sunglasses

Whether you are dazzled by the setting sun, or out and about in the snow - there are countless times within your day where you would need polarized sunglasses to take care of your eyes

  • Polarized lenses are permanently dark and do not change color as do photochromic

    lens. These are the true sunglasses with maximum protection for you eyes.

  • Lenses that are polarized have a special chemical that will filter light - this will minimize and block some of the light that comes through the lenses (even blocking blue light ).

  • These are horizontal "slates" that will also let light pass through in this way only letting light rays that are horizontal to pass through - so any light that is moving up or down will be able to get through.

  • Polarization can be in any direction vertical or horizontal or even diagonal. 3D glasses for example have horizontal on one lenses and vertical on the other - the eyes then see different "lights" creating a 3D effect


Polarized sunglasses

So if you are standing near water, driving, or around any other reflective surface (snow) the sunlight will bounce off from that surface and hit your eyes. Since the surface is basically horizontal with polarized sunglasses the light coming in can be blocked so that only the vertical light comes in. So again that means a lot of the glare gets blocked since it's not vertical. If you want to get deep about polarization check out the Khan Academy.

Eyewear Insight's polarized lenses will also block 100% of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

  • Wearing polarized lenses will essentially protect your eyes from UV rays as well as keep a lot of glare out of your eyes.
  • Your eyes do not get as tired when driving or in the snow or playing sports
  • Added bonus -----  Especially for fishermen/women using polarized glasses will enable you to see into the water as the glare bouncing on the water surface which is keeping you from seeing in will be blocked!

    Prescription polarized sunglasses

Additionally, the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses - they can, of course, be really trendy glasses styles- is that you will actually see better. Especially when driving in the sun. You'll be safer!
So, what's great is that you can order your prescription polarized sunglasses - be it single vision or progressive sunglasses and they will be made custom for you. You can pick what color you want for what frame and we'll make it for you for a fraction of the traditional eyewear store's price.

In Summary

  • Polarization will keep the filter light rays(glare) that have bounced of a shiny surface  out of your eyes and help you see more clearly but images will, of course, be dark
  • Polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays
  • Your eyes will be less tired after driving or sports or any type of exercise outdoors.



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