5 Steps to Cleaning Your Glasses (Lenses)

You should clean your glasses often as often as possible.

Neglecting your glasses can compromise your sight by creating a film on your lenses and making it harder to see clearly – and scratches and debris could give you headaches and make your eyes tired. But keep in mind there is no evidence to show that it will change the function of your eyes. That is your eyes will not get “worse”.

Also, keep in mind that dirty glasses can also be a major turn off to other people looking at you and interacting with you in any way. Especially, if you are close to someones face they will be able to see all the dirt on your glasses – keep that in mind!

5 Steps to Cleaning Your Glasses (Lenses)

1. Before you begin wash your hands! There is nothing more annoying than trying to wash lenses while you have some oily substance on your fingers. It’s really hard to get the oily film off the lenses so get it off your hands first.

2. Run warm water and NOT hot water on your lenses to loosen debris and dust from the lenses and the various crevices. Hot water can damage any of the coatings you have on your lenses

3. Put a little drop of soap (oil-free dishwashing liquid is perfect) on the lenses and gently lather and rub the lenses for a few seconds. Clean temples – the area that goes behind your ears and around the seams where the lenses fit into the frame –under running water. Especially around the nose pads – as this is where the oil (and dirt) from your skin tends to collect.

4. Rinse the soapy glasses with warm water – rinse well so that the lenses do appear filmy from the soap residue.

5. Dry the lenses gently with a clean, and soft 100% cotton cloth (works best for drying). Use a fabric that is light and thin – this will be less abrasive. Avoid the use of materials that can scratch the lenses in any way. This is true even if you have anti-scratch coating – which will offer the lenses extra protection but they will still scratch.

At times during the day, you feel the need to clean your lenses – try to use a very soft material that will not leave debris/fibers on the lenses. Microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for this as they are able to trap debris and not smear them onto the lenses. But you will need to keep them clean.

In conclusion

Washing often and proper storage of your glasses when not in use will help keep your glasses clean as well as safe.

· It’s also best not to use chemicals such as ammonia-based products like Windex as these can do harm to the various coatings you have on your lenses.

· Keeping your glasses in a protective case while you are not using them is the best way to safeguard them against scratches and general dirt.

· Never place the lens directly on a surface when not in use.

· Water is really your glasses best friend

Contacts Vs. Glasses

Contacts vs glasses? This is a highly personal question as it will depend on your eyes (your correction needs – is it age related/readers/computer?), your personality and the advice from your Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist.

For some contacts are the only way to go. For others, it’s an impossibility!

That said approximately 45 million (according to the CDC) wear contacts. And with the improvements in technology, they are getting easier and better take care of. Assuming the Optometrist/ Ophthalmologist recommends them, they can direct you to the best match for your needs – hard or soft, daily or extended wear or even multifocal lenses.

putting on contact lenses

There are definitely advantages to wearing contacts that you don’t find while wearing glasses:

  1. One of the more important benefits may be the perception of looking better as some don’t like the way they look while wearing glasses. Especially for teens – looks are so important at that age and if the glasses are not the right look – well you know.
  2. You have more natural vision as they move with your eyes – unlimited peripheral vision you can look up, and down and still see with the power of your contacts – unlike glasses.
  3. You can have better vision with contacts due to the proximity to your eyes. (which is the reason contacts and glasses differ in the prescription strengths prescribed)
  4. They are great for sports – there are no problems with falling glasses, fogging or sweat slippage problems. When swimming one can use googles and still see perfectly in the water.
  5. There is also the option of colored contact lenses, which allow the wearer to temporarily change their eye color.
  6. Contacts are not as affected by the environment as glasses are – for example, reflection, temperature changes or dirt.
  • Glasses can collect dust, dirt and oil which can lower the clarity of your vision.
  • Glasses get foggy during temperature changes of the body or the weather.
  • Light from around you can decrease your visual acuity especially if you are don’t have anti-reflective coating on your glasses.

So while there are many advantages to wearing contacts there are some general disadvantages

  1. Contacts are rather expensive – more so than glasses are today.
  2. It takes a while to get used to wearing contacts and there is a learning curve to putting them in
  3. More follow-up care is involved with your eye doctor – especially when you are trying on a new prescription, a new/different type of lenses or having any problems like dry eyes.
  4. You also need to be fitted for the right pair – while glasses also need to fit well it’s not the same thing. You need a special prescription for contacts that will specify diameter and base curve components necessary for a well-fitting lens
  5. The chance for infections are high (1 in 500) – not washing hands or not using solutions to clean lens properly between use increases the chances of contact with dirt, debris and yes, bacteria. With those wearing extended contacts being the more vulnerable to infections than daily contacts wearers
  6. If you have high astigmatism, your vision might get blurry when the lenses rotate. (though there are special contacts for high astigmatism, they tend to be high priced)
  7. According to some accounts if you work on the computer all day – contacts can contribute to computer eye syndrome.
  8. People with dry eyes have a hard time with contacts – their tear ducts don’t provide enough lubrication and while the ducts can be temporarily closed to stop the draining and thereby make more liquid available to lubricate the eyes, this doesn’t work in the long run in which case for these people the use of glasses may be more comfortable and thereby better. Conversely, wearing contacts can contribute to dry eyes syndrome by restricting the amount of oxygen to the eyes
round retro tortoise glasses

The advantages of wearing glasses are also compelling

  1. Glasses don’t really have the limitations that contacts can have -there are no bad candidates for glasses as there are for contacts – if you have dry eyes, conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, severe eye allergies or if you have an unusual need for correction they may not give the quality of vision that a good pair of glasses would
  2. Just wear and go – no solutions, no cleaning, changing, inserting or otherwise handling of the eyes.
  3. Eyeglasses can limit or adjust the amount of light that your eyes are exposed to – by the use of photochromic lenses – photosensitive lenses. These also protect the eyes both inside and outside from UV rays
  4. If you work on a computer all day you can protect your eyes from the artificial blue light from the computer(or mobile) by getting a blue light filter on your glasses lenses.
  5. You can choose from a variety of frames – a large variety and change your style often- it’s especially IN right now to wear glasses. All types of shapes(cat-eye, round etc), colors and different frames -from really light rimless frames, too heavy stoic plastic frames- are available.
  6. You can express yourself in ways that define your look and your personality
  7. You can buy glasses online at very affordable prices – you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg for them AND keep the same pair for years because you did spend so much
  8. They may not be the first choice for some sports but they do offer protection from dirt, dust and debris entering the eyes.

While some of the disadvantages of glasses have been mentioned to add a few more:

  1. If you are one that has a strong prescription the glasses can have really thick edged lenses and this can be very unappealing. The glasses might make your eyes appear very small or very big.
  2. It is much easier to get the wrong fitting glasses – and these can be small, too tight or even crooked and can give you headaches or other symptoms of discomfort.

In conclusion

Check with your eye care professional for advice and guidance but generally, your choice in wearing contacts versus glasses is very personal and depends on your lifestyle, prescription, eye health and even age. And while you may feel the choice is clear today as time and your body changes you might find that your needs and choices will change.

In any case, no matter your choice today it is always a good idea to have a great pair of glasses – even while out wearing the contacts you might find that your contacts need to be removed or damaged for some reason and depending on your prescription strength – your glasses might come in very handy at that point.

When Your Teen Needs Glasses You Need Affordable Glasses.

Summer is almost over and school is about to start. It’s time to make sure that your teen has the new glasses he needs. Buying affordable glasses for teens is quick easy especially if your teen has been wearing glasses for a while.

Prescription eyeglasses can be very expensive, there are affordable glasses out there. And when your teen needs a pair but does not want to wear them the options are not as limited as you might think. There are so many trendy glasses to pick from!

As I’ve told you, in my case I really thought it was cool, and maybe even grown up to wear glasses and …yeah …I sorta stretched the truth somewhat and got my glasses when I was about 11. My eyes just weren’t that bad though. Most of the time they actually served as a headband on top of my head.

teen wearing glasses

Well the same thing happened with my son, he squints a bit later in the day and the optometrist said that he is a little short-sighted. But it’s not really that necessary yet for him to wear glasses. Added with the expense (affordable glasses) of glasses and his inability just yet to keep track of his water bottle and teen wearing eyeglassesjacket. Adding glasses to keep track of — that he has to wear in class and keep safe at other times seemed a bit of a stretch. So we waited….and kept a close eye on his vision.

High Prescription?

Some kids are fine with wearing glasses and others…maybe the ones with a pretty strong prescription…well they don’t like their glasses. Generally, their glasses are thick and well let’s face it — parents didn’t spring for the high-index lenses, so they are stuck with the coke bottle look!



Playing sports and wearing glasses may not be a match made in heaven. While doable it can be an added stress for kids that are under pressure to perform. If glasses are absolutely necessary it can be hard for a kid to have to deal with glasses in, especially, contact sports or — swimming! You might not realize this as a “perfect vision” person but, if you don’t have contacts and if you don’t have swimming prescription goggles it’s hard to see what’s going on when in the water. Kids can be exacting!

—Are they talking about me? Who are the laughing at?—

Life As a Kid

Granted if a kid has had nothing but work done on his features — braces, some start really early, glasses and God knows what else —what is a kid to do? Enough already…we (parents) get it, right?

By puberty, it does get old.

Does he or she teen in glassesreally want to go for that “four eyes look?” While some may find their glasses flattering and enjoy the “geekiness” others just don’t want to have anything to do with glasses.





So what are the choices?

  • First thing is –this is the one time so far in history that it has become so cooool to wear prescription glasses.  Really even famous basketball players and other celebrities are now sporting “fashion glasses or fake glasses!”LeBron James Famous basketball player wearing fake glasses
  • (Check out Justin Beiber or Demi Lavato) It’s not just them even teens are wearing glasses –just because! So head on over to a glasses store with trendy glasses and let your teen look around—might even be able to get a couple pair because they are very affordable.
  • Contacts —some eye doctors say it should be fine to fit your teen with contacts and to allow them a bit less handling(no cleaning etc just wear and throw out), though expensive you could try “one a day” contacts. So check with your eye doctor to fit them with the most comfortable pair if the circumstances allow.
  • More frequent checkups — let your teen see the change and the optometrist can let him/her know if the need for correction is getting higher or staying the same.
  • Sometimes, and please check with your optometrist, there are options such as vision therapy or Ortho-K (specially designed contacts that are worn at night; they shape the cornea for clear vision during the day)  which can slow the progress of myopia.

In Conclusion

Your teen may not be off the hook entirely but there are options that you can explore. Either by delaying the wearing of glasses or by encouraging a fashion-forward attitude in which case once you have an idea of what is needed look for affordable glasses. But the bottom line is if your child needs to wear glasses then find ways to make that happen!teen in rx sunglasses




Prescription Sunglasses, Better Yet Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important part of our eye health.

polarized glasses for women

Wearing polarized sunglasses in the summer seems to be a no-brainer for most, but in the winter our eyes tend to be neglected. I notice when I play tennis people squinting in the sun as they can’t see clearly, or out in the sun and snow, squinting to see clearly. It’s never really only a question about clearer vision…though that is important..but also the protection our eyes need from the sun.

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Prescription Sunglasses

As the atmosphere gets gradually stripped off the uv rays are more and more damaging to our eyes and skin. In the winter when driving, in the outdoors and/ or in the snow, wearing prescription sunglasses will protect the eyes from the many glares and reflection. We all seem to think that the summer is the worst time for the eyes, but in reality, there is much more reflection from a surface covered with snow than that of grass. 95% to 6%.

These UV rays can damage our eyes just as they would our skin.

Tired and Strained Eyes

Tired and Strained Eyes

It is important to realize that not just dark sunglasses will do the job, normal tinted sunglass lenses do not protect from the glare, they reduce the brightness but cannot selectively eliminate the reflection from the light. They must be polarized sunglasses.

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks the intense reflected light, reducing glare.


With polarized sunglasses when driving the reflection of light on the other cars and objects around us are eliminated, thus reducing if not stopping the need to squint. This will also keep the skin from wrinkling from the constant squinting around the eyes and forehead… as well as from straining and fatiguing the eyes.

Reflection and Glare From the Snow

Reflection and Glare From the Snow

All who enjoy the outdoors should protect their eyes from the glare, and reflection as well as the UV rays, by wearing polarized!

We will find that we will enjoy clearer vision and will have eyes that are less tired and much healthier.


You can further improve the advantage by getting bifocal sunglasses or progressive sunglasses which will make it easier for you to see your phone or any reading at a much closer range.

Progressive Polarized Sunglasses

Progressive Polarized Sunglasses


At Eyewear Insight we offer free UV coating, anti-reflective coating and anti-scratch coating on all our glasses, so if you decided you will go with the cheaper tint option you still have your eyes somewhat protected – we’ve got your back on that one.

We also offer very affordable prescription eyeglasses that are available in bifocals, progressives, computer glasses and readers. All of which can be customized by adding polarization.

Our glasses start at $18.00 frames +$9.50 lenses +$5.95 shipping.

We guarantee our glasses and offer the best customer’s service around. We wish to make you a satisfied customer!







How to Find Glasses with Long Temples and Normal Lens Dimensions.

Where to find glasses with long temples and normal lens dimensions?

When looking to find glasses with long temples the first thing to do is check the measurements on the pair that you own. This is important – confirm the size you think you need. I have noticed even when buying from a traditional store where an optical will do the fitting it’s easy to get the wrong size. Thus having the wrong idea of what you need in your mind. So check your favourite fitting glasses for size.


Rectangle glasses

Make Sure You Have the Right Eyeglass Frames Measurement

Even if they are fashion glasses (or sunglasses) you will be able to either read the measurement on the glasses. If you look carefully on the inner arm you will see the measurements 50- 19- 145 these measurements indicate the width of the lenses- the bridge width and finally the temple length in mm.

Once you know your measurements then you can figure out which sizes are good will work.

Every eyewear store has their own definition as to what is classified as small, medium and large – but they are somewhat close to each other (this is no different in clothing either, by the way)

At  my online prescription glasses store we determine size primarily by the width of the frame:

118mm-129mm  Small

130mm-139mm  Medium

140+                   Large


Finding Glasses with Long Temples

Now that you know about the measurements it will be easier to know what to look for.

To find the right size is now much easier. Most online or traditional eyeglasses stores will most definitely carry temple lengths that are consistent with larger sizes (and they may be slightly different than sizes mentioned above). Temples that are longer than 140mm, for example, will most likely have a frame width that is also on the bigger size. But let’s say you your ears are more set back – but you face is on the smaller side.  No problem simply looking through and finding frames that have longer than 140mm or whatever length size you need is easily done at most store.

At Eyewear Insight you can simply move your mouse over the style you are browsing and check the full dimensions.  As you can see all the relevant measurements are right at your fingertips.

In Conclusion

  • Before you pick your frames make sure you have the measurements of the frames that already fit you well.
  • Go to the basic size you need and then drill down to find the frame you like with the dimensions you need.
  • It really is not unusual to find frames with longer temples. It just takes a little precision in your search technique.
  • Most online stores make it easy to find this information – if you need very unusual set of dimensions then going to a brick and mortar store would probably be very helpful.






Affordable Eyeglasses for Seniors – Buying Glasses Online

Senior man wearing affordable eyeglasses for seniors

Black retro glasses Reading/Progressive Glasses

Finding affordable eyeglasses for seniors is very important. Nope, you don’t have to compromise on style and fashion just because your eyesight might be a bit weak. For those that are over the age of 65 prescription/reading glasses is almost a given.  AND not compromising on your style and following trends is still fun at any age!

Seniors by this age are probably on pension or some type of retirement income. And if they have only social security then there is surely a problem affording the necessary glasses – every year if the eyesight is getting worse. Social security and most insurance do not give the proper coverage for this age group. Since at this age most are wearing progressive (no-line) lenses or some prefer bifocal lenses the bill can really add up especially when there are other options to consider. Such as anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and UV blocking.

Affordable Eyeglasses For Seniors

One place to consider is buying your glasses online. And yes there are a few considerations;

  1. Fitting:  If you have been wearing glasses for a while you can simply use the measurements of your current and well fitting frames and buy one that is in the same range. Or else you can always go to an optician and get the glasses adjusted (actually most don’t need too)
  2. Your PD (this is your pupillary distance) you must get this from your eye care specialist or have a friend/family measure your PD for you

On AARP I’ve read comments about online stores not filling prescriptions well.

I for one will say that in the 7 years we are in business there have been a handful of times that the lab made a mistake on the prescription, it just doesn’t happen. But if it does – mistakes can happen, Eyewear Insight guarantees every pair. So no matter who makes the mistake (eye-care specialist, you — when entering or ours) we will get you the right glasses.

 affordable eyeglasses for seniors

Prescription sunglasses

Types of Glasses Offered

  1. Progressive or Bifocal glasses each starting at $45
  2. Reading glasses (these are custom reading glasses with prescription quality lenses) each starting at $27.00
  3. Prescription Progressive Sunglasses
  • a) Photochromic (gets dark in the sun and light indoors) starts at Frame + Lenses $93
  • b) Polarized (always dark sunglasses) start at Frame + Lenses $108
  • c) Mirror Lenses start at Frame + Lenses $70
  • d) Tints (gradient and solid not as strong UV protection but looks good) addition starts at Frame + Lenses $53
  • c) Blue light (computer) blocking addition Frame + Lenses starts at $62

Additionally, we offer on all glasses free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective coating and free UV blocking.

In Conclusion

No matter what, buying affordable eyeglasses for seniors online is not a bad option. Especially with a 100% guarantee you basically have nothing to lose but glasses to gain!!

So get your prescription and come and check out our collection. Your custom eyeglasses await you!




Eye Health News From Around The Web

Eye Care News -- ScienceDaily Learn about glaucoma symptoms and cataracts, as well as laser eye surgery and optic nerve regeneration. Read the latest medical research on diagnosis and new treatment options.


Aviators You Must Sport For 2018

Pilot Glasses“, “Cop Glasses”,  “Aviators” are some of the names that are attached to the tear-shaped one-of-a-kind shape that has been an icon in the eyewear industries since forever. And when you want to look hot, badass or just plain trendy these are the perfect frames.

With the sun (or snow for that matter) in your eyes, wearing one of the hippest styles of the last two seasons ( and still going strong on the designer runways for Spring 2018) is a must and easily done. These frames are now pretty much  a staple in the wardrobe of the elite fashionista.

Gucci Aviators with Tint

Gucci Aviators with Tint

Whether you wear them clear ala the 70’s – as clear (or prescription) glasses or with a bit more modern styling rather than retro – in light blue, yellow or rose or get them mirrored.

“Pilot Glasses” are definitely a must-have with any 70’s or 80’s type dressage, and what with these-cheap glasses (but great quality) available you can’t go wrong.

You can rock YOUR style the way YOU like it. Since all the frames at Eyewear Insight can be made into sunglasses, it’s easy to pick and customize your glasses!

Modern Styles

Some of the the modern styles are so much fun, mixed materials like this one with acetate and stainless steel, these not only give interest in the coloring and contrast but functionally take advantage of the best that each material has to offer. Like the light weightedness of acetate and the vivid coloring with the tenacity and resilience of metals. Others are studded with Rhinestones (think Louis Vutton yet way cheaper) added for flair and styling that is definetly not understated – but more like like “stepping out with something to say” are just some of the examples of what is avalible in these styles.

Double bar aviators

Double Bar Aviators

Gold Classic Aviators

Gold Classic Aviators

Red - Rhinestone aviators

Rhinestone Mirrored Aviators

Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

Mirrored Sunglasses - Aviators

Mirrored Sunglasses – Aviators

In Conclusion

Take a chance if you haven’t already update your look with any or pick from these cheap glasses – prescription sunglasses and check out the many ways to have fun with your style.

To see a short list of Aviator frames Continue reading

How to Buy Eyeglasses Online.

Buying eyeglasses online is not as hard as it might seem. Furthermore, buying glasses online comes with an assurance that buying in traditional stores do not provide.

Most places will give a guarantee and will return your eyeglass frames if you have a problem with them, and most certainly if there is something wrong. If for any reason you get the prescription wrong or something has gone wrong Eyewear Insight will work with you to get the glasses you need.
While there are can be valid fears in buying your prescription eyeglasses online, well….such as will they fit or how will they look! The question of how much it will cost to find out ($37.50 for Single vision and less than $50 for progressive) makes it not such a big gamble. Even if you find that the glasses are too big…to small or just not right a backup pair for this price is doable. But if you absolutely decide they don’t work then the store know and they will work with you.

As far as the look of the frames use your sunglasses (if you don’t have another pair that you can use as a base model for fitting and style) as the barometer to know what would look good on you. If you want to be adventurous then this is the best time as you can tint and color your glasses in many ways to create fun and exciting looks…for affordable prices that won’t break the bank.

If this is the first time you are getting a prescription for eyeglasses, you may be well served to buy at least one pair from your brick and mortar eyeglass store. This will help you know what it feels like to wear glasses and you can see what it is like to have someone physically help you with your decision. But here you have to really pay attention so that you don’t buy what you don’t need or pay for a look of extras that can be costly.

Once you feel comfortable come on over and give it a try…you will be glad to save the money and enjoy several fun looks for less…way less.

Quick Note:

One of the questions people have is – can I buy glasses online with my insurance?

The answer is yes!  You can use the card from your insurance that are bank cards that display the VISA or Mastercard logo. OR you can send in your receipt and get a refund for your purchase from your insurance carrier.

Either way, take a look at your contract and you will find out the best way to go about it.

But with glasses less than $50 it might be less than the minimum of most insurances.

In Conclusion:

  • The best first step to buying your eyeglasses online is to check the style and size of the pair that fits you well.
  • You might actually benefit by going to a brick and mortar store if this is your first time just to get your “feet wet” so to speak
  • As far as using your insurance to buy glasses online with – you generally can though it’s prudent to find out what the out-of-pocket is.



Why You Must Have Your Kid’s Eye Examined

Summer vaca is long over, a new year has begun and on your ‘must-do’ list should be having a kids’ eyes exam by an eye care specialist. As a mother of twin boys, I have done some research for our kids.

Following are my findings peppered with my opinions!

kids eye test

So I want you to know that 80% of problem readers are deficient in 1 or more visual skills, did you know that? Seeing clearly is only one of 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning.

There is nothing worse than a young person starting a new year, new school and maybe landing themselves in new social conditions and not being able to see. It can be a big problem!

Kids at school

Kids at school

Having an eye exam should start early, between ages 3 to 5 and then continuing on yearly along with the well-baby check ups.

eye chart exam text

Remember the eye chart at your kids’ paediatrician is not that reliable AT all! You must get a thorough check up with a pediatric optician. I know this as my kids had yearly check ups and always did great at the eye chart…and it was fun. My own gut feeling, and seeing my boy always squinting made me want to look further.

At a visit to an Optometrist you can expect detection of myopia (nearsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (a misalignment of the eyes or crossed eyes). After your visit, if you find that there are continued problems, then, you may need to find a “developmental optometrist” to see if your child is maybe suffering from “convergence insufficiency” (CI).

CI is all about how the eyes work together. And is characterized as a “common” childhood visual disorder that affects 5% of the US population. It is usually diagnosed during the school ages or adolescent years. You may not be aware of this, but, if your child exhibits reading problems or behavioural problems, according to specialists, this should be a go-to exam to check off.

kid with rx glasses

Rocking my Rx glasses

So yes, vision problems in kids can be problems with fine motor skills (reading, writing, cutting with scissors, colouring, typing, texting, etc), gross motor skills, behavioural problems, attention problems as well as performance problems during school or sports.

For the development of good hand-to-eye coordination, it is very important to ensure that your child is seeing clearly. Fine motor skills require translating abstract vision information and applying the corresponding fine motor skills. Body-to-eye coordination for gross motor skills requires translating visual information into the corresponding gross motor activity, such as in sports, running, jumping etc.

Supporting all that your child wants to do starts with good eye health. Hand to eye coordination develops through sports and other activities

As your child gets older and, especially with the growing use of electronic devices, kids vision can actually change rapidly. My kids didn’t get their first eye exam at school until 8th grade so that may not be something to count on even for basic vision testing.


Behavioral Optometry considers “visual information processing weaknesses.”

“Distractibility, weak reading skills and poor academic performance: these are signs of several learning disabilities, as well as ADHD. But they can also indicate something else — vision problems that will not be solved with Ritalin or most special education techniques.”

Some common complaints when vision problems are present:


  1. Get headaches
  2. Complaining that eyes feel tired or uncomfortable when reading (or doing other close work)
  3. Eye rubbing during close work or reading
  4. Double vision while reading
  5. Movement of words, jumping or floating
  6. Words blurring or going in and out of focus
  7. Losing one’s place while reading
  8. Squinting

Psychological Avoidance:

  1. Feeling sleepy when reading
  2. Finding concentration hard when reading
  3. Can’t remember what was read
  4. Not wanting to read and acting out or refusing to read altogether
  5. Resist reading and avoid it whenever possible?

Keep in mind that while you can probably notice some of these problems, others you will have to ask your child about.

So the bottom line?

Get an eye exam as often as possible (once a year is good) to stay on top of any problems that could be hampering your special little (and not so little) guy or girl’s ability to excel at what they love!


Some helpful links:

Find an eye doctor near you (there are several sites where you can enter your zip and get Optometrican near you)

McCrodon Vision Development ( Read about Vision, Reading and Attention)

Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses (keep in mind for a young child we recommend going to a traditional eye doctor for prescription eyeglasses. Once your child is older, can articulate any problems and is experienced with glasses it will be ok to buy glasses online)

Buying Eyeglasses online