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Senior man wearing affordable eyeglasses for seniors

Black retro glasses Reading/Progressive Glasses

Finding affordable eyeglasses for seniors is very important. Nope, you don’t have to compromise on style and fashion just because your eyesight might be a bit weak. For those that are over the age of 65 prescription/reading glasses is almost a given.  AND not compromising on your style and following trends is still fun at any age!

Seniors by this age are probably on pension or some type of retirement income. And if they have only social security then there is surely a problem affording the necessary glasses – every year if the eyesight is getting worse. Social security and most insurance do not give the proper coverage for this age group. Since at this age most are wearing progressive (no-line) lenses or some prefer bifocal lenses the bill can really add up especially when there are other options to consider. Such as anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and UV blocking.

Affordable Eyeglasses For Seniors

One place to consider is buying your glasses online. And yes there are a few considerations;

  1. Fitting:  If you have been wearing glasses for a while you can simply use the measurements of your current and well fitting frames and buy one that is in the same range. Or else you can always go to an optician and get the glasses adjusted (actually most don’t need too)
  2. Your PD (this is your pupillary distance) you must get this from your eye care specialist or have a friend/family measure your PD for you

On AARP I’ve read comments about online stores not filling prescriptions well.

I for one will say that in the 7 years we are in business there have been a handful of times that the lab made a mistake on the prescription, it just doesn’t happen. But if it does – mistakes can happen, Eyewear Insight guarantees every pair. So no matter who makes the mistake (eye-care specialist, you — when entering or ours) we will get you the right glasses.

 affordable eyeglasses for seniors

Prescription sunglasses

Types of Glasses Offered

  1. Progressive or Bifocal glasses each starting at $45
  2. Reading glasses (these are custom reading glasses with prescription quality lenses) each starting at $27.00
  3. Prescription Progressive Sunglasses
  • a) Photochromic (gets dark in the sun and light indoors) starts at Frame + Lenses $93
  • b) Polarized (always dark sunglasses) start at Frame + Lenses $108
  • c) Mirror Lenses start at Frame + Lenses $70
  • d) Tints (gradient and solid not as strong UV protection but looks good) addition starts at Frame + Lenses $53
  • c) Blue light (computer) blocking addition Frame + Lenses starts at $62

Additionally, we offer on all glasses free anti-scratch coating, free anti-reflective coating and free UV blocking.

In Conclusion

No matter what, buying affordable eyeglasses for seniors online is not a bad option. Especially with a 100% guarantee you basically have nothing to lose but glasses to gain!!

So get your prescription and come and check out our collection. Your custom eyeglasses await you!




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    Aviators You Must Sport For 2018

    Pilot Glasses“, “Cop Glasses”,  “Aviators” are some of the names that are attached to the tear-shaped one-of-a-kind shape that has been an icon in the eyewear industries since forever. And when you want to look hot, badass or just plain trendy these are the perfect frames.

    With the sun (or snow for that matter) in your eyes, wearing one of the hippest styles of the last two seasons ( and still going strong on the designer runways for Spring 2018) is a must and easily done. These frames are now pretty much  a staple in the wardrobe of the elite fashionista.

    Gucci Aviators with Tint

    Gucci Aviators with Tint

    Whether you wear them clear ala the 70’s – as clear (or prescription) glasses or with a bit more modern styling rather than retro – in light blue, yellow or rose or get them mirrored.

    “Pilot Glasses” are definitely a must-have with any 70’s or 80’s type dressage, and what with these-cheap glasses (but great quality) available you can’t go wrong.

    You can rock YOUR style the way YOU like it. Since all the frames at Eyewear Insight can be made into sunglasses, it’s easy to pick and customize your glasses!

    Modern Styles

    Some of the the modern styles are so much fun, mixed materials like this one with acetate and stainless steel, these not only give interest in the coloring and contrast but functionally take advantage of the best that each material has to offer. Like the light weightedness of acetate and the vivid coloring with the tenacity and resilience of metals. Others are studded with Rhinestones (think Louis Vutton yet way cheaper) added for flair and styling that is definetly not understated – but more like like “stepping out with something to say” are just some of the examples of what is avalible in these styles.

    Double bar aviators

    Double Bar Aviators

    Gold Classic Aviators

    Gold Classic Aviators

    Red - Rhinestone aviators

    Rhinestone Mirrored Aviators

    Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

    Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

    Mirrored Sunglasses - Aviators

    Mirrored Sunglasses – Aviators

    In Conclusion

    Take a chance if you haven’t already update your look with any or pick from these cheap glasses – prescription sunglasses and check out the many ways to have fun with your style.

    To see a short list of Aviator frames Continue reading

    When Your Teen Needs Glasses You Need Affordable Glasses.

    Prescription eyeglasses can be very expensive, they are affordable glasses out there. And when your teen needs a pair but does not want to wear them the options are not as limited as you might think.

    As I’ve told you, in my case I really thought it was cool, and maybe even grown up to wear glasses and …yeah …I sorta stretched the truth somewhat and got my glasses when I was about 11. My eyes just weren’t that bad though. Most of the time they actually served as a headband atop of my head.

    teen wearing glasses

    Well the same thing happened with my son, he squints a bit later in the day and the optometrist said that he is a little short-sighted. But it’s not really that necessary as of yet for him to wear glasses. Added with the expense (affordable glasses) of glasses and his inability just yet to keep track of his water bottle and teen wearing eyeglassesjacket. Adding glasses to keep track of — that he has to wear in class and keep safe at other times seemed a bit of a stretch. So we waited….and kept a close eye on his vision.

    High Prescription?

    Some kids are fine with wearing glasses and others…maybe the ones with a pretty strong prescription…well they don’t like their glasses. Generally, their glasses are thick and well let’s face it — parents didn’t spring for the high-index lenses, so they are stuck with the coke bottle look!



    Playing sports and wearing glasses may not be a match made in heaven. While doable it can be an added stress for kids that are under pressure to perform. If glasses are absolutely necessary it can be hard for a kid to have to deal with glasses in, especially, contact sports or — SWIMMING! You might not realise this as a “perfect vision” person but, if you don’t have contacts and if you don’t have swimming prescription goggles it’s hard to see what’s going on when in the water. Kids can be exacting!

    —Are they talking about me? Who are the laughing at?—

    Life As a Kid

    Granted if a kid has had nothing but work done on his features — braces, some start really early, glasses and God knows what else —what is a kid to do? Enough already…we (parents) get it, right?

    By puberty, it does get old.

    Does he or she teen in glassesreally want to go for that “four eyes look?” While some may find their glasses flattering and enjoy the “geekiness” it affords them..others just don’t want to have anything to do with glasses.





    So what are the choices?

    • First thing is –this is the one time so far in history that it has become so cooool to wear prescription glasses. Really even famous basketball players and other Celebrities are now sporting “fashion glasses or fake glasses!”LeBron James Famous basketball player wearing fake glasses
    • (Check out Justin Beiber or Demi Lavato) It’s not just them even teens are wearing glasses –just because! So head on over to a glasses store with trendy glasses and let your teen look around—might even be able to get a couple pair as they are very affordable.
    • Contacts —some eye doctors say it should be fine to fit your teen with contacts and to allow them a bit less handling(no cleaning etc just wear and throw out), though expensive you could try “one a day” contacts. So check with your eye doctor to fit them with the most comfortable pair if the circumstances allow.
    • More frequent checkups — let your teen see the change and the optometrist can let him/her know if the need for correction is getting higher or staying the same.
    • Sometimes, and please check with your optometrist, there are options such as vision therapy or Ortho-K (specially designed contacts that are worn at night; they shape the cornea for clear vision during the day)  which can slow the progress of myopia.

    In Conclusion

    Your teen may not be off the hook entirely but there are options that you can explore. Either by delaying the wearing of glasses or by encouraging a fashion-forward attitude in which case once you have an idea of what is needed look for affordable glasses. But the bottom line is if your child needs to wear glasses then find ways to maketeen in rx sunglasses




    Why You Must Have Your Kid’s Eye Examined

    Summer vaca is long over, a new year has begun and on your ‘must-do’ list should be having a kids’ eyes exam by an eye care specialist. As a mother of twin boys, I have done some research for our kids.

    Following are my findings peppered with my opinions!

    kids eye test

    So I want you to know that 80% of problem readers are deficient in 1 or more visual skills, did you know that? Seeing clearly is only one of 17 visual skills needed for reading and learning.

    There is nothing worse than a young person starting a new year, new school and maybe landing themselves in new social conditions and not being able to see. It can be a big problem!

    Kids at school

    Kids at school

    Having an eye exam should start early, between ages 3 to 5 and then continuing on yearly along with the well-baby check ups.

    eye chart exam text

    Remember the eye chart at your kids’ paediatrician is not that reliable AT all! You must get a thorough check up with a pediatric optician. I know this as my kids had yearly check ups and always did great at the eye chart…and it was fun. My own gut feeling, and seeing my boy always squinting made me want to look further.

    At a visit to an Optometrist you can expect detection of myopia (nearsightedness), amblyopia (lazy eye), and strabismus (a misalignment of the eyes or crossed eyes). After your visit, if you find that there are continued problems, then, you may need to find a “developmental optometrist” to see if your child is maybe suffering from “convergence insufficiency” (CI).

    CI is all about how the eyes work together. And is characterized as a “common” childhood visual disorder that affects 5% of the US population. It is usually diagnosed during the school ages or adolescent years. You may not be aware of this, but, if your child exhibits reading problems or behavioural problems, according to specialists, this should be a go-to exam to check off.

    kid with rx glasses

    Rocking my Rx glasses

    So yes, vision problems in kids can be problems with fine motor skills (reading, writing, cutting with scissors, colouring, typing, texting, etc), gross motor skills, behavioural problems, attention problems as well as performance problems during school or sports.

    For the development of good hand-to-eye coordination, it is very important to ensure that your child is seeing clearly. Fine motor skills require translating abstract vision information and applying the corresponding fine motor skills. Body-to-eye coordination for gross motor skills requires translating visual information into the corresponding gross motor activity, such as in sports, running, jumping etc.

    Supporting all that your child wants to do starts with good eye health. Hand to eye coordination develops through sports and other activities

    As your child gets older and, especially with the growing use of electronic devices, kids vision can actually change rapidly. My kids didn’t get their first eye exam at school until 8th grade so that may not be something to count on even for basic vision testing.


    Behavioral Optometry considers “visual information processing weaknesses.”

    “Distractibility, weak reading skills and poor academic performance: these are signs of several learning disabilities, as well as ADHD. But they can also indicate something else — vision problems that will not be solved with Ritalin or most special education techniques.”

    Some common complaints when vision problems are present:


    1. Get headaches
    2. Complaining that eyes feel tired or uncomfortable when reading (or doing other close work)
    3. Eye rubbing during close work or reading
    4. Double vision while reading
    5. Movement of words, jumping or floating
    6. Words blurring or going in and out of focus
    7. Losing one’s place while reading
    8. Squinting

    Psychological Avoidance:

    1. Feeling sleepy when reading
    2. Finding concentration hard when reading
    3. Can’t remember what was read
    4. Not wanting to read and acting out or refusing to read altogether
    5. Resist reading and avoid it whenever possible?

    Keep in mind that while you can probably notice some of these problems, others you will have to ask your child about.

    So the bottom line?

    Get an eye exam as often as possible (once a year is good) to stay on top of any problems that could be hampering your special little (and not so little) guy or girl’s ability to excel at what they love!


    Some helpful links:

    Find an eye doctor near you (there are several sites where you can enter your zip and get Optometrican near you)

    McCrodon Vision Development ( Read about Vision, Reading and Attention)

    Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses (keep in mind for a young child we recommend going to a traditional eye doctor for prescription eyeglasses. Once your child is older, can articulate any problems and is experienced with glasses it will be ok to buy glasses online)

    Buying Eyeglasses online











    70’s & 80’s Aviator Original Style

    Tom C Black AviatorsCraig B Black Aviators 70's StyleOrignial Style E Presely AviatorsAviator Prescription Eyeglasses
    The slight subtle differences in Aviator frames.

    So yeah, basically, though we all might think that RayBan was the originator of aviator glasses; they actually were developed by Baucsh& Lomb in the 1930’s. They were one of the first glasses made with either reflective lenses or as polarized sunglasses for pilots to use as protection from light and reflection while flying. Therefore the name aviators.

    General Douglas MacArthur with signature Aviator glasses

    One of the most well-known historical figures to wear them as his signature style was Douglas Macarthur (General)


    As airplanes started flying higher and exposing the pilots to all types of weather dangers, pilots had to wear goggles (lined with protective fur) to protect their eyes from the elements. But these goggles were not dark enough nor did they help when the weather created fog situations which made it hard to see at all. In fact, there is a story that one of the pilots worked with Bausch and Lomb to create the exact design. The shape and the light frame along with the polarization or the mirror coating became a standard for pilots; As well as within the public for fisherman to golfers and other outdoors sports. “The model’s signature feature was its so-called ‘cigarette-holder’ middle circle, designed to free the hands of the shooter.”

    Related image

    During the 1940’s they were worn by the likes of General Macarthur and most in the military. Ray Ban started to refine the styling and create offshoots to enhance their marketing as sunglasses started to become a statement of fashion instead of just for safety.

    One of the most well-known historical figures to wear them as his signature style was Douglas Macarthur (General)

    The 70’s built on this trend of style versus function. Celebrities were seen all over town sporting aviators.

    Peter Fonda in 70's Wearing Aviator Sunglasses

    Peter Fonda in 70’s

    Travis in ‘Taxi’ continued the trend of wearing polarized sunglasses for style as well as function with his gold aviators.  Similar pop culture visibility helped to continue to propel the momentum of increased popularity of these glasses. Soon quite a few several “design houses” took this as a generic style and added their flare to it.

    Rober Di Nero with his signature "taxi driver glasses"

    “Taxi driver glasses” Robert Di Niro

    There was Michael Jackson’s appearance during the Grammy’s where he received 8 (wow, the most ever in one night) awards. Up to this point, aviators were largely seen on

     michael jackson 1984 grammys glasses

    men but soon that too will change.

    As the 80’s rolled in a version for the ladies was created, with rhinestones and in “feminine” colors! And female celebrities were seen wearing the cool glasses!

    Soon the frames where to be seen on the runways, with bling, and in interesting versions.

    Today this iconic frame continues to be reinvented by design houses. Are you looking to setup up your style or wanting to relive you younger years?

    Either way, you can add your faviourite style of aviators to your eyeglasses arsenal.

    Clear as prescription eyelgasses or fashion glasses….or tinted in fun whimsical colors…maybe you like them mirror or polarized so that you can keep your cool!

    Anyway is the right way today!









    7 Eyeglasses Trends for 2017


    Eyeglass trends for women for 2017 is still a refresher of the past few cycles, with a few exception. Borrowed for the past and  moving into the future we all know that fashion is a sequence of patterns that repeat throughout the times.

    Fendi Oversized Glasses

    Fendi Oversized Glasses : Courtesy of

    D&G Sunglasses

    D&G With Huge Sunglasses








    1. Big Huge Oversized Eyeglass Frames

    The coolest trend that keeps on movin’ on. Some with the still strong 60’s and 70’s influence, others more futuristic, but always very feminine and a big statement. With a flash a woman goes from just being to being glamours! From Dolce e Gabbana, to Fendi and Gucci for Spring go Rock the Oversized Sunglasses!

    Oversized Prescription Sunglasses

    Oversized Prescription Sunglasses

    The beauty at Eyewear Insight is that you can tint and customize your prescription sunglasses and upgrade your style within a very affordable budget.



    2. Super Funky Round Frames

    Ferragamo Round Glasses

    Ferragamo Round Glasses

    Tinted, oversized, small….round glasses for women are still the thing!

    Add some color have fun…From Dries van Norten, Miu Miu, Ferragamo to name a few round glasses are showen in many different looks be it modern, clean and slick, or very retro and vintage-y.



    Sometimes the styles are mixed with the use of double wires or cateyes with the round frames. But definetly we see round frames sometimes with subtle differences other times more drastic. Small changes in the bridge can affect the look and the emphasis on the face.

    LV Round Glasses

    Lous Vutton 2017 Courtesy of

    Wide Spaced Round Glasses

    Round Wire Glasses

    Our Eyewear Insight variations will allow you to create your style at a great price. Follow the trends and see how you can update your style with class 🙂


    Round Red Tint Glasses

    Round Red Tint Glasses

    Round Tortoise Glasses

    Round Tortoise Glasses


    3. Catty Cat Eye Glasses

    Cat eyes just keep coming and I get it…it’s a very flattering look for a very wide variety of face shapes and is a very, very feminine and sexy look. Not too big but seen in all types of combinations, half frames, round shapes, and on and on. Cat eye glasses appear as on of the top trends from all around the runways.

    Woman wearing cat eyesunglasses

    Eyewear Insight Halle B Cat eye Sunglasses

    Blue cateye glasses

    Blue with crystal bottom cat eye glasses




    Ferregamo Round Cateye






    Round cateye glasses

    Round cateye glasses


    4. Clear, Clearest, Very Clear Sunglasses

    Clarity, yes it’s a beautiful thing and as someone who wears glasses all the time knows. There is nothing better than not having any clear defined borders around my frames. It also creates a look of lightness. Whatever the material, clear eyeglasses frames in plastic mostly or just the lenses without frames around them can be tinted in a fun or somber coloring will give this look.

    MGHJ16311-C2-5Round glasses

    Rimless tinted blue

    Clear with Black oval frames

    Clear Eyeglasses frames

    Crystal clear glasses

    Crystal Clear Retro round glasses

    Clear With Black Frames with Purple Tint

    Clear With Black Frames with Purple Tint Combine the trends

    5. Aviator Sunglasses with Flair



    Aviator frames have now become the staple and like a good leather jacket you need at least one and to step it up a notch you can add a little flair…which could be fun tinting or just one with a little umpffff to it.

    Want to live up the retro style of the ’70’s? Get your aviators clear if you need prescription eyeglasses  or if not use as fashion glasses.

    Purple Aviators

    6. Crazy Fun Tinting

    We have repeatedly seen the trend of tinting and it’s getting funner and crazier…from wacky unusual colors to basic but fun tints. We have see the celebrities as well on the runways stylin’ there glasses with color.

    If a more traditional style is what you need then pep it up with a little color.

    Half Rim Tinted Glasses

    Half Rim Tinted Glasses


    Tortoise Browline Clubmaster Tinted Glasses

    Tortoise Browline Clubmaster Tinted Glasses


    Woman with butterfly glasses

    Browline half rim Glasses

    Browline half rim Tinted Glasses

    Filigree Eyeglass Frames with Tint

    Filigree Eyeglass Frames with Tint




    At there are many colors of tints to pick from. There are solid tints and gradient tints that are available in 7 colors – Grey, Brown, Green, Yellow, Blue, Violet and Red all in a light (0%-20%), medium (50%) and dark (80%) allowing for complete customization.

    Matching your mood with your outfit  is the best way to feel great.So take your fun shapes have some fun.

    Miu Miu Red Tinted Sunglasses

    Miu Miu Red Tinted Sunglasses

    Woman wearting tinted round glasses

     7.Clear Sunglasses

    Clear sunglasses! Well it’s really another way of saying fashion glasses or clear glasses. This is such a great way for everyone to create a different look from what they normally look, as well it’s a great accessory to add some more depth to your outfit.

    It is a misnomer in a way as sunglasses are by nature dark lenses that are polarized.

    At clear sunglasses will still have the protection that you need for your eyes. You don’t have to sacrifice your eye health in the name of fashion!

    All our glasses come with free UV coating so you will be safe ordering fashion glasses!

    Pick any of the sunglasses and order them as fashion glasses (with a note to let us know you do NOT want the polarization)


    Clear sunglasses

    Large Clear Sunglasses















    Understand 5 Most Important points and 5 Benefits of FSA Accounts

    Do you have a health plan through a job?

    You can use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for copayments, deductibles, some drugs, and prescription eyeglasses. Using an FSA can also help to reduce your tax obligations.Piggy bank with glasses

    Also known as a flexible spending arrangement;  Flexible Spending Account ( FSA Accounts) are special accounts you don’t pay taxes on and money you can use to pay out-of-pocket health care costs.

    • Flexible spending accounts are generally “use-it-or-lose-it” plans with some exceptions


    1. Employers may make contribution to your FSA but they are not required to
    2. FSA’s are limited to $2550 per year per employer (if married spouse can also up to $2550 in an FSA too)
    3. Generally, the FSA funds must be used within the plan year BUT employers can give up to 2.5 months extra to use up the funds in FSA —- Or you can be allowed to carry over $500 to the following year.
    4. At the end of the year or grace period ( if you have been given it) you will lose the money left in your FSA
    5. To avoid losing it start using it now or within the grace period if you have that option!

    Benefits of FSA

    1. The contributions made by your employer are not added to your income!
    2. There are no taxes deducted from these funds
    3. Following the Qualified medical expenses will ensure that your withdrawals are tax-free. This list includes prescription eyeglasses
    4. You can make the purchase for any member of your family. (Tax claimed dependents or spouse)
    5. You don’t need vision insurance to use your FSA dollars on prescription eyewear, and if you have a debit card attached to your FSA you can enter it at checkout so you won’t need to deal with submitting receipts or reimbursement paperwork.

    In Conclusion

    Before the end of the year take time to look at your insurance and check on your FSA and if you have it:

    • Use it before you lose it in most cases
    • Get your self a new pair of eyeglasses!