5 Ways to Find the Right Optometrist.

Finding an optometrist  can be pretty tricky, especially if this will be your first visit. Considering the price of traditional prescription eyeglasses, you want to make sure you find someone that will stand behind their prescription and if there is a problem or a mistake along the process will help sort it all out. Of course there is Yelp, but I’ve taken the advice of a random 200 people they gave 5 starts; but I got the 1 or 2 star experience!Find the right optometrist- phoropter

When it comes to my eyes I just don’t like to take chances. Once I find the right person I stick to them for a good while. This way I get the continuity of service and in time I get great prices as a reward for my loyalty!

Of course you can go to your eye insurance provider and pick a random eye care profession in your area.

  Quick Ideas on How to Research for An Optometrist

  • Talk to your friends and family, they may have an optometrist or even an ophthalmologist that they just love!
  • Get a recommendation from your primary physician or pediatrician if you have one; especially if you like your doctor you may find someone with similar style and values.
  • You can also look online at some of the professional organizations like American Board of Optometry, American Associations of Optometrists, Association of ophthalmologists and our directory for finding an Eye Doctor. The only problem is that this won’t be a personal recommendation (In which case, you should really take a look into 5 Questions to ask Your Optometrist)
  • Look in your neighborhood, find a shape and walk in, take a look around. Don’t be shy ask about the prices…how hard is it to get an appointment? ( I would say the harder the higher the chance they have something good to offer) If you spot someone coming out have a chat with them. Or, get a coffee close by , when a customer comes out, gently walk up and ask for their opinion. I think you will find that most are forthcoming and willing to tell you how it is.
  • Lastly you can also call your favorite hospital in your area and ask for the ophthalmology department and get referrals; but again this lacks the personal aspect.


Whichever way works for you please remember that you can visit the office/store before you make an appointment and just get a feel for the staff and even the Optometrist if available. If you have some questions maybe you can ask him.

They usually have glasses for sale so you can easily browse and see if you like the cleanliness, the attitude of the people and the style before you commit to an appointment.


Once you have seen your eye doctor you can make your own assessment and decide if he/she is for keeps.




5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Find the Right Optometrist.

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  2. Thanks for the tip about getting a recommendation from your primary physician when choosing an optometrist. It would be good to consider their recommendations because they would show that they are qualified. My husband and I are looking for an optometrist for our son, so we’ll have to talk with our family doctor first.

  3. I like your idea of asking friends for referrals in finding an optometrist. Recently, my daughter has been complaining of having difficulty reading. As I don’t want her to suffer further form this eye issue, I’ll be asking around to see if they can refer me to a good optometrist for my daughter.

  4. My daughter has been having trouble with her eyesight, so I’m looking to take her to an optometrist. Your article had some great tips for choosing a good optometrist, and I really liked your point to talk to friends and family to get recommendations. I’ll be sure to talk to some people I trust before taking my daughter to an optometrist. Thanks for the post!

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